Contemporary Media Practice Degree Show 2019
The students on Contemporary Media Practice blossom at their annual show held in two of London’s auspicious and historic venues. Three years of intensive study of the media of our age; moving image, new media and photography, reveal practical projects of immense scope, variety and imagination.
Critical practice in these media and its exhibition provide a showcase for the future developments of the screen culture we are immersed in. Narrative film and documentary reports, the reconceptualisation of nature, gender and the body, are enacted through immersive installation, audio environments and interactivity.
In Nascent we experience the lives of a diverse range of protagonists, from people who live with sun for only half the year to existential renderings of life in a Travelodge or trapped in a sewer! Insights from the LGBTI life in Goa contrast with the mental lives of the Muslim community and much more. The creativity of our productions ranges from drama through documentary to book making and immersive interactive installation. Seeing is believing!
The diverse year group of students benefit from a world leading school of media that equals such giants as MIT, but back on home territory, in the heart of the creative capital of the world, this is the opportunity to see the future in the media imaginations of the world.
Undoubtedly here we witness the dictionary definition: ‘a just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential’; the nascent!
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